A Hometown Wedding

Emily is originally from Galveston, so when a call from Atlanta came through my phone, it kinda surprised me. But low and behold, she met her soul mate in Georgia and wanted to bring him home to get married. A sweet, playful country club wedding was in store for these two.

After kicking out the wedding crasher (2 different times), the party started! I love when not only the couple gets into dancing but the entire wedding group does too. I've never photographed a wedding with such an intense dance floor, and I was so excited to be literally in the middle of it. Not to sound like Amanda Bynes from early 2000's, but "Bring on the dancing Lobsters!" or more so, the dancing T-Rex's! 2 of the bridesmaids dressed up as inflatable T-Rex's and barged their way onto the dance floor. Boy it was fun.

Emily & Zach are such a sweet and inclusive couple, and I hope their marriage is just blessed in every way!